General Motors (GMC, to be more specific) recently released information on its Hummer EV pickup truck along with a shadowy teaser image. Now, we've transformed that teaser into this rad and very rugged render.

GM is set to debut a commercial at the 2020 Super Bowl today. The ad, reportedly to feature LeBron James, will tease the Hummer EV pickup truck (the full reveal is set for May 20 of this year). However, ahead of that ad spot, we've rendered the teaser of the truck to life by lightening the image, taking some very educated guesses and adding some details and filling in some missing elements.

For comparison, here's the teaser image released by GM:

GMC HUMMER EV Quiet Revolution Grille

The end result is a very bold-looking truck that's fitting of the Hummer brand and logo. Note the skidplate, which is always found on a Hummer. Additionally, there are some beefy tow hooks for those times when the truck is used to tug out a less capable vehicle. The lights up top give the truck that a certain commercial-duty appearance and the substantial tyres indicate this is a go-anywhere pickup, as a Hummer should be.

Now you might be thinking this truck, in rendered form, seems far too big. However, Hummer does refer to it as a super truck and with it being a Hummer, we don't expect anything dainty or small. "Go big or go home" was a motto that Hummer tried to stick to back in the days. The automaker, unfortunately, "went home" when fuel prices skyrocketed, but that's not an issue with an electric vehicle, so it seems quite likely to us that Hummer will "go big" once again.

There's one more part of the Hummer truck that we believe to be big and that's its battery. We believe we may have seen the actual massive pack that will go into this electric truck, so with a battery of very high capacity, a truck even of this size will still have ample range.

Specs for the upcoming Hummer truck include:

  • 1,000 bhp
  • 11,500 pound-feet of torque
  • 0 to 60 in 3 seconds

The electric Hummer truck is expected to launch in Fall 2021. No pricing information is available at this time. Range remains a mystery too.

Here's one more stab at rendering the truck to life. This one features an extended skidplate, as seen on the Hummer HX concept further down below:

Hummer EV Truck Render With Extended Skidplate
Hummer H3x Concept
Hummer HX