Are you ready to give Volkswagen's TDI diesel engines another shot? Volkswagen hopes so because they have a new TDI engine, which they claim is cleaner than ever. Thanks to an innovative new system of catalytic converters and ammonia injection VW is offering its cleanest diesel yet. 

After VW’s diesel emissions cheating scandal dubbed Dieselgate, many speculated VW would give up on the diesel engine altogether. Although VW has put a great deal of its financial might behind the development of electric vehicles, it plans to build petrol and diesel-powered cars alongside their electrified offerings for years to come.

Gallery: VW Shows Why Its Diesel Engines Are Now Cleaner Than Ever

VW recently introduced the all-new EA 288 EVO diesel engine to debut their new Twin-Dosing Technology. To explain this new system, VW created an animated video that shows this new system in action. The EA 288 EVO uses a sophisticated system that features two catalytic converters each with their own Ammonia injection system. Ammonia is needed to reduce Nitrogen Oxide emissions which were the main culprit behind the Dieselgate scandal. 

According to VW, the new Twin-Dosing system reduces NOx emissions by over 80 percent leading to a much cleaner engine. VW goes on to explain this system in their press release, “A metering module injects the substance into the exhaust gas upstream of the relevant SCR catalytic converter as AdBlue. Here, the solution evaporates and the reducing agent (urea) is broken down, combining with steam to form ammonia. In the catalytic converter, the ammonia then reacts with the nitrogen oxides on a special coating to form water and harmless nitrogen.”

VW believes the new EA 288 EVO engine will give customers all of the benefits that made the past TDI engines so great without the damaging emissions. Markus Köhne, Head of Diesel Engine Development at Volkswagen, explains: “the innovative twin dosing technology we have developed means that our diesel engines are significantly below current limits and are in fact also well below the future limits required under the Euro 6d emissions standard in many measurements conducted by independent institutes. Our diesel engines are therefore not only extremely efficient, powerful and generate a high torque – they also contribute to a cleaner environment. We are extremely proud of this.”

Are you ready to give VW’s TDI engines another chance?

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