We’ve seen all kinds of custom campers and interesting motorhomes in recent years. Credit that to the resurgence of #Vanlife, which these days also stretches into the realm of overlanding. That’s the mission for this unique 2004 Land Rover Discovery 2, which wears a massive pickup-esque camper shell on its back. But wait, the Disco is an SUV, right? That’s why we say pickup-esque, as this topper is clearly a custom creation that swaps seats for all the amenities of home. And yes, it’s for sale. More on that in a bit.

Let’s jump right into the juicy details. This Land Rover is listed on the U.S. on Craigslist - Denver, and the ad is full of details. We weren’t just being poetic when we said all the amenities of home – inside you’ll find a refrigerator, two-burner stove, a sink, and a full WC with shower and cassette toilet. The Disco holds 60 litres (16 gallons) of fresh water, 19 litres (5 gallons) of grey water, and the listing mentions “tons” of storage space. Power comes from a single house battery and 100 watts of solar, and it can connect to shore power. Having all this in something size of an older Discovery – albeit one with a raised roof – is quite impressive indeed.

Gallery: Land Rover Discovery camper

Photo Credit: Craigslist

According to the ad, this Land Rover conversion happened in 2014 and considering it involved cutting the back half and the roof to make it happen, there’s certainly no going back to stock. Speaking of which, the rest of the Discovery is said to be in great original shape. That includes the notoriously finicky V8, which appears to be well maintained. It shows just shy of 100,000 miles, which isn’t bad at all for a mini motorhome with serious off-road capability.


A mural on the side references The Wayfinder Institute, which according to the associated Facebook page is a consulting and counseling agency founded by Anna Boyd. We’re assuming Anna is the current owner of this ride, and if that’s the case, she’s selling it to build her own van. The asking price is a bit steep at $31,500 (approx. £24,000), but where else will you find a fully-equipped camper with the off-road chops of a Land Rover?

In any case, we wish Anna good fortune on her new #Vanlife endeavour.