Topaz, one of the world's leaders when it comes to supercar and exotic car detailing, is at it once again. After giving an Audi R8 and a Lamborghini Veneno proper exterior care, it’s time for one of the 24 Aston Martin Vulcans in the world to visit the renowned paint protection company.

Just like every time, the entire process starts with the decontamination of the vehicle’s body, which includes treating the wheels with a non-acidic solution. Each wheel is then cleaned with a delicate brush and the whole car is covered with a gentle citrus solution to remove the dirt from the body.

Once the car is rinsed to remove the citrus solution, panel gaps and apertures are brushed carefully with delicate horsehair brushes. The car is then rinsed once more and it’s finally time for the body to be clayed to remove the dirt embedded in the clear coat. 

After the car is completely washed and the paint is corrected, the Topaz team starts to put the paint protection film. Because of the Vulcan’s radical shape and crazy aerodynamic components, this is a really challenging task.

“There are preexisting PPF (paint protection film) patterns online for this car, but none that are to our standard,” Topaz explains in the description of the video. “As a result, we fully designed new patterns for the whole car, and got to work protecting every inch of that beautiful Verde Ermes paintwork!”

The purpose of designing a unique PPF pattern for this particular car is to avoid the need for trimming the protection film at the panel gaps. There’s even a custom protection film for the Aston Martin logo on the bonnet. As YouTuber Mr JWW would say, "utterly bonkers!"

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