Buckle up, folks. Fast and Furious 9 is coming this spring, and here’s our very first glimpse at what’s in store for the street racers-turned-superheroes. No, it’s not the first actual trailer for the upcoming film. Rather, it’s a teaser for the trailer that, um, teases the upcoming film. Does that make this a teaser of a teaser? Whatever it is, it dropped today and it's posted above for your viewing pleasure.

The minute-long movie trailer teaser trailer video clip reveals precious little, other than franchise veterans Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez reprising their roles of Dom and Letty in a decidedly relaxed atmosphere. Dom is wrenching on a tractor, spending time with the son he was revealed to have in the previous film. Letty walks out smiling, looking over them both in what appears to be a perfect family moment. The trailer cuts to the garage where we see the black Charger, with Dom (in voiceover) saying he can’t live life a quarter-mile at a time anymore. Honestly, it sounds like a boring Fast sequel so far.

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The twist comes at the end of the trailer. Turns out, Dom named his son Brian, and apparently, something is coming. Presumably it’s something bad, because Letty gives young Brian her necklace for protection and then Dom’s hand grasps it in a manner suggesting barely controlled rage. Let’s hope it’s not more hacked-and-evil Ford Crown Victoria taxis driving autonomously with their old-school hydraulic and cable-actuated controls magically brought to life. That kind of terrible editing and lack of continuity would have us balling our fists in rage, too.

Little is known about the long-awaited ninth instalment in the Fast and Furious franchise, other than the core group of players will return. That includes Jordana Brewster as Mia, though it’s unclear if her on-screen husband Brian O’Conner will have any presence in the film. Paul Walker obviously won’t be involved, nor will Dwayne Johnson who recently headlined the Fast spinoff Hobbs & Shaw.

Fast and Furious 9 is slated to hit theatres on 22nd of May.