Hot on the heels of the updated Navara, Nissan has launched the new and even more capable version of the rugged Arctic Trucks AT32 model.

Lightly modified by Iceland’s most famous off-road specialists, the Off-Roader AT32 comes with bigger tyres and extra underbody protection. All those bits have been tweaked for 2020 to make the go-anywhere AT32 more efficient and better to drive without sacrificing any capability.

Perhaps the biggest yet most subtle change is the fitment of new 32-inch tyres. As with the old car, it was the balloon-esque rubber’s diameter that gave the vehicle its name, but these new Nokian tyres allegedly offer improved fuel economy and emissions, as well as improving on-road handling. And when you go off-road, each tyre has dual valves to help you change the tyre pressures for different surfaces.

Nissan Navara OFF ROADER AT32

At the same time, the underbody shielding has been upgraded to a lightweight aluminium material. The shape has been improved, too, which Nissan claims ensures “more comprehensive” protection of the vehicle’s underbody components.

And as before, the car also features bespoke all-terrain wheel arch extensions and all-terrain optimised Bilstein performance suspension. And as if extra differentiation were needed, the 4x4 is finished off with special badging on the front wings and arch extensions as well as on the side steps, wheel centres, tailgate and mud guards.

Nissan Navara OFF ROADER AT32

Inside, meanwhile, the AT32 is based on the N-Guard model, so it comes with technology such as a 360-degree parking camera and an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system. Bluetooth, LED headlights and cruise control also feature.

For those who are seriously into their off-roading, the AT32 is available with a range of optional accessories, including an electronic lock for the front differential, which can improve traction in extremely slippery conditions. An air intake snorkel is also available, increasing the Navara’s maximum wading depth to 800 mm.

Nissan Navara OFF ROADER AT32

“The Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32 was a sell-out success and proved incredibly popular with adventurers seeking elegance and toughness,” said Manuel Burdiel, general manager for European light commercial vehicle (LCV) sales and business development. “We have upgraded the Off-Roader AT32 so it can maintain its position as the ultimate Navara while bringing new efficiency and becoming fully WLTP compliant. It’s the perfect blend of in-car technology, comfort and extreme off-road performance.”

The Navara Off-Roader AT32 will go on sale next month, with UK pricing and full specification set to be announced nearer the time.

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