The Unimog existing to perform whatever tough job a person can throw at it, and builder Mike Day's heavily bespoke example looks ready to keep working for years to come. To see what makes the machine so special, check out this video. 

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This is a Unimog 404, and the model's production dates from 1955 to 1980. The setup of Day's rig makes it a massive pickup. He can lower the tailgate like any other truck or remove all of the sides for a completely open area. The sections even double as ramps. In the summer, this rig would be lots of fun because the doors and roof are removable, in addition to being able to open a little vent for a form of air conditioning.

The powertrain is the most interesting aspect of Day's Unimog. He replaced the original petrol-fuelled engine with a later turbodiesel from a Mercedes-Benz. It runs through a manual gearbox with six forward gears and two reverse gears. A lever on the centre tunnel activates the four-wheel-drive system. 

The Unimog's suspension is very different from most passenger vehicles because the cab and rear section have rubber joints that let them flex, and this gives the rig lots of off-road articulation. When the road gets rugged, there are also portal axles that increase ground clearance.

The cab of Day's Unimog wear's an eye-catching shade of orange paint. Steps on the wheels allow easier access to the interior. He slices some length out of the front bumper and fender wings, which makes the rig looks narrower than normal.