Getting your vehicle ready for winter is a serious business but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for some humour. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a humorous guide focused on getting your vehicle ready for winter.

The most important car of any car comes down to its tyres. No amount of electronics or horsepower can overcome the use of incorrect tyres. Think your car’s summer tyres can handle an icy road, tell that to the ditch you just slid into. Feel like your all seasons can cut through deep snow, try explaining that to the driver trapped behind your car that can’t make it up a snowy hill. 

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Once you’ve fit your car with a set of proper winter tyres, it’s time to make sure your car can stop. A car with a fresh set of pads and rotors is far safer that one that has barely any pad left clamping a warped worn down rotor. Maybe it’s time to consider a fresh set of pads and rotors?

Your car's fluids are the literal lifeblood pulsing through its complex circulatory system. Much like the blood in your veins, this critical fluid is what keeps your car alive. It’s critical to change your fluids and also monitor their levels. Fresh coolant, brake fluid, and engine oil are critical parts of a happy car. 

Winter driving gets messy, so a set of fresh windshield wipers could be the difference between life and death. When driving it’s obviously important to see where you’re going and a streaky set of worn-out wipers is a real hazard. 

Now that your car is ready for winter, where are you driving this winter? Many of these tips are great to keep in mind all year round. If you take care of your car, it will take care of you.