The Honda E electric car goes on sale in Europe this summer, and despite a previous statement, it's possible that a Type R variant (rendered above) might join the lineup in the future.

"Well, this new platform, the motor and tyres can all take more," Honda Assistant Large Project Leader Takahiro Shinya told Top Gear. "What I can say is we love Type R, it’s such a strong halo brand for us. As engineers, we want to make Type R of every model, but it’s whether the customer wants it that matters."

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The new quote contradicts an earlier statement from Honda E project leader Kohei Hitomi. "For some segments, it might be the right choice and Type R is a way to express Honda’s capability as a sporty brand. But for Honda E, we want to provide a new dimension of values for our customers,” he said last year.

Takahiro Shinya also tempered expectation for the hotter model by telling Top Gear: "You’ll probably see something more in a couple of years, not a Type R, but something."

The Honda E arrives with a rear-mounted electric motor and is available in two power outputs: 136 bhp and 154 bhp. Both versions produce 232 lb-ft. The vehicle packs a 35.5-kilowatt-hour battery that provides a range of 137 miles.

Inside, the Honda E features five screens that stretch across the dashboard. The outer display on each side shows the feed from the side-mounted cameras. A monitor in front of the driver is for the instruments, and it measures 8.8 inches diagonally. Then, there are two 12.3-inch screens in the centre, and occupants can touch a tile on the display and slide it around to create the ideal layout for the people inside.

Prices for the Honda E begin at £26,000 in the UK before incentives.