Aiways announced that at the upcoming 2020 Geneva Motor Show, it will not only show a production version of the Aiways U5 for the European market but envisions the possibility of short 10-minute test drives too.

Sales of this new mid-size SUV in China are already underway, while in Europe it's scheduled for April 2020. Volume production in China recently started.

"AIWAYS will become the first Chinese startup to bring an electric vehicle to Europe when sales of the U5 commence in April 2020. Visitors to GIMS will be able to see and explore the production-ready, European version of the U5 for the first time."

"Visitors to the show can also drive the U5 for the first time, as part of the ‘GIMS Discovery’ experience. Participants will be given the opportunity to enjoy a 10-minute test drive of the U5 on an indoor circuit after they have visited the AIWAYS stand to register their interest."

Soon, we should also finally see the specification of the car and see whether it's different from the Chinese version (see below).

The interesting part of the Aiways U5 is also how it will be sold or maybe rather just leased.

"AIWAYS will also reveal more details of its innovative European business model during its press conference at the Show. Together, AIWAYS and its partners will offer a unique means of owning a new electric vehicle that will provide users with an original customer experience."

Finally, the company will make a global premiere of its all-new all-electric Aiways U6ion concept. Nothing is known about this one yet.

Alexander Klose, Executive VP Overseas Operation at AIWAYS, commented:

“Geneva Motor Show is an important milestone for AIWAYS as we will announce some very exciting news about our plans for Europe. We are set to compete with the best, by creating a revolutionary new user experience thanks to unprecedented collaboration with partners.”

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Aiways U5 specs (China):

  • 503 km (312.6 miles) of NEDC range
  • 65 kWh battery (liquid-cooled)
  • battery pack energy density of 181 Wh/kg
  • (168 bhp) 125 kW and 315 Nm electric motor (front-wheel drive)
  • fast charging: 30-80% SOC in 27 minutes