See, Morgan is modern.

Morgan has launched a new online 3D configurator for the new Plus Six to help potential customers (and those with too much time on their hands) create their perfect new car.

The configurator features high-fidelity graphics to help users fully visualise the new sports car, and every single one of the car's optional extras are also featured to help create the perfect digital mock-up of the car.

The Plus Six is the first car from the Malvern-based manufacturer to have been designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology and its that tech that has been utilised, alongside gaming development software and WebGL technology to ensure complete accuracy.

Plus Six Configurator

With the configurator, users can choose their car’s paint colour, wheel design, leather colour and texture, carpet colour, dashboard finish and hood options, as well as other finer details like the interior stitching colour and pattern, seat and hood piping, and wing beading colour. Accessories such as driving spot lights and a luggage rack have also been fully rendered in the configurator, allowing for over a trillion possible combinations.

If having that many options is a bit overwhelming, Morgan has created a few starting points, or 'inspirations'.

The configurator has been designed to run on both desktop and laptop computers, and works best in the Chrome and Firefox browsers. There are three different quality options to best suit the performance of the user’s computer.

Plus Six Configurator

"We’re immensely proud to bring you our most advanced configurator yet. It’s the culmination of months of development work, bringing together teams across the business and externally," said Michael Smith, lead digital designer at Morgan. "A highlight for me was working with the CAD engineers and designers to repurpose their work on the Plus Six. What’s been created is an extremely modern tool anyone can use at home or in a Morgan Dealership.

"Built using the latest digital rendering technology, users can accurately visualise their dream Morgan in full 3D, utilising realistic paint rendering in incredible quality. We hope our customers and enthusiasts enjoy using the configurator."

Once the configurating process is completed, users can download an image pack and full PDF brochure of the full car.

You car try the configurator for yourself here

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