Space has always been the next frontier for humans on Earth. Conquering the stars has always been the challenge of the world's best scientists and space organisations, and engineers have been coming up with some awesome methods and ways to take us closer and closer to the cosmos. Sure, we've all known that space shuttles and rockets with boosters, with their immense thrust, are the only way for us humans to be able to break our atmosphere. They aren't exactly the best looking way to do so, since function always trumps style when you're sitting in what is essentially a chair strapped to a giant fuel tank with a launch process that has absolutely zero margin for error.

Gallery: Lexus creates Moon Mobility Concept sketch for Lunar Design Portfolio

In Document Journal's upcoming Lunar Design Portfolio, designers and architects from all over were invited to give readers a glimpse into their ideas for when we finally live on the moon. Naturally, vehicles are a huge part of our lives, and the question of how we get around on the moon has been stylishly answered by Lexus. They've created a handful of different vehicles, from hoverbikes, a gyrosphere, and even a huge ship with a living quarters, zero gravity observation decks, and a swimming pool. Of course, each lunar vehicle has interesting Lexus design elements incorporated into the design, such as the letter L in most of the sharp angles, and the spindle grille.

While these are obviously going to be very far from what our actual methods of transportation will be like when we finally start living on the moon, there's no doubt that Lexus makes some pretty good looking sketches. As a fan of their F performance models, there's only one remaining question: could that Lunar Racer still have that 5.0-litre V8 that they've been holding on to for so long?