Will Smith has to be one of the most recognisable actors anywhere in the world, which is why you can imagine the shock unsuspecting Lyft ride hailing app users had when he rolled up in a Porche Taycan Turbo S. One of the world’s coolest actors driving one of the fastest EVs? You can imagine what a special ride that was.

The people he picked up had no idea that Will Smith would be their Lyft driver and that he would be at the wheel of the most powerful Taycan - all they were told is they would be experiencing some new technology. Their reactions alone make the short video that Smith posted on his YouTube channel watchable - it’s just as well, because he never mentions what the car is or why it’s special.

Although, to be fair, it would have been a cool ride regardless of what car he would have showed up in. The passengers were also given a full year of Lyft services free of charge, which definitely made their day, if the ride itself hadn’t quite done it for them.

The clip itself is not about the car (or sponsored by Porsche, even if Smith does show off the Taycan's performance); it was made in collaboration with Lyft in order to promote the new Bad Boys for Life movie. It’s the third movie in the franchise and it hit theatres a few days ago; so far it’s been getting positive reviews (and grossing well at the box office).