While you might think that Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann drives a Bugatti daily, you'd be surprised that he actually drives a Porsche – specifically, a Panamera Sport Turismo.

This was revealed via Winkelmann's interview with Autocar, which revealed that the Bugatti chief is actually changing his car every year. He also added that he drives Bugattis every now and then to see the latest things, and his extensive work with Audi makes him inclined to like an RS. No big deal, really, since it's safe to assume that his selection of cars should all be under the Volkswagen Group.

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Of note, the high-performance Porsche estate is due for a facelift soon (spy images above), so it's safe to say that it's only a matter of time before Winkelmann changes his car.

Winkelmann's Autocar interview isn't just about his preference in cars, though. The Bugatti boss also discussed the company's next move. This is in line with Bugatti's latest achievement – breaking the 300 miles per hour (482 kilometres per hour) barrier with the Chiron Longtail, hitting 304.77 mph (490 kph) in a record-breaking run. This is, however, the last of Bugatti's attempt for a high-speed run.

As implied by Winkelmann, Bugatti will be working on lateral acceleration next, which means besting its rivals in terms of downforce, handling, and weight reduction.

When asked about variants and special editions of the Chiron, Winkelmann said that there will surely be derivatives of the hypercar. It's "a must," he said, but he also confirmed that a Special Edition Chiron won't happen. They will be focusing first on achieving what they promised, and that's the delivery of the Divo this year.