One theory about how the universe could end requires its infinite expansion. It’s called the Big Freeze, and it’s our likeliest demise, dark energy be damned. It’d leave the universe as a cold, dark, motionless expanse. Only two things are likely to survive – Keith Richards and this custom Porsche Boxster. Just kidding! Nothing will survive that long, but until the night sky goes dark as the stars and galaxies drift away, we can enjoy the ridiculousness that is this Mad Max-inspired Porsche Boxster. 

The car is a 2000 Porsche Boxster with extensive modifications, though it’s not an art car. The car’s aesthetic, with the aluminium front bumper and brass, train-like cowcatcher, is both wild and functional, though there are plenty of creative touches made to the car as well. Powering the Boxster is either a 3.6-litre or 2.7-liter flat-six engine, though the powertrain is one of the more uninteresting items about the vehicle. 

There’s no denying this Boxster will turn heads – especially with that working .50-calibre machine gun poking through the windscreen. The headlights are on the front wings near the A-pillar while a splitter hanging off the roof over the windscreen is trimmed with a chainsaw chain. Vali Motorsports gutted the interior, leaving just shells for the doors. The roof is still removable, and there’s a roll cage.

Gallery: Mad Max-inspired Porsche Boxster

Vali Motorsports is the shop behind the build, which built this Porsche sight-unseen for a customer to race in LeMons, the low-cost racing series for everyday people. Writing a check and saying, “Have at it!” is a bold choice for anyone’s pocketbook, though it sounds like the owner is quite happy with the build. It should serve them well in future racing campaigns, and if not, there’s always the gun to liven up the race.