The DVLA's first number plate auction of the year broke records before it even began with a more lots then ever before going up for sale.

The 10-day auction featured 2,750 lots – 250 more than before – with reserve prices ranging from £70 through to £2,500. The auction is still ongoing, and is set to end on Wednesday January 22. 

Among the £2,500 registrations being offered for sale 2002 A, 400 J, 1313 J, 222 M, 44 O, 203 O, 180 S, and 106 T. Several single number one three letter combinations have reserves of £2,400 including 1 LVE and 1 TNE.

Starting with a reserve of just £70 is ABZ 9557, BHZ 5555, DIG 1011, IIG 9999, and LIL 1600.

DVLA number plate auction

This first auction of the year follows 2019’s hugely successful live auction programme that had two successive sales that completely sold out and the DVLA’s third highest-selling personalised registration of all time when IG 1 went for £222,000.

For the supercar drivers and fans out there, there are a number of performance car-inspired registrations available – F40 TOY (reserve £250), A308 FER (£250), A23 GTR (£130), 911 CH (£2,200), 550 GT (£2,200), GTA 10W (£250), A205 PEU (£130), and 969 AB (£2,200).

Name related registrations include ELS 444A (£250), F110 OYD (£130), GLE 8E (£300), GU11 EST (£250) and HU11 RST (£400) meanwhile BMT 214B – which closely resembles BMT 216A seen on James Bond's famed Aston Martin DB5, is also available.

"Our online Timed Auctions are proving extremely popular, with a big variety of personalised registrations to suit all tastes and budgets this auction offers our customers more choice than ever, we look forward to what is sure to be an exciting few days of bidding ahead," said Jody Davies, DVLA personalised registrations’ senior sales manager.