Caterham has launched a new in-store car configurator feature, giving customers a new way to decide which of the 58,338,005,483,520,000 permutations of the famed hand-made sports car they'll choose.

The new dealership tool, the first of its kind used by Caterham, uses Renderapp's propitiatory technology to displaying vehicles in high-quality 4K detail, showcasing cars in near-realistic graphics which perfectly showcases things like metal flake paintwork, leather finishes, and pin-stripes. It is controlled via a wireless tablet which allows users to turn the car freely and zoom in on specific elements.

"I was blown away by the technology. When you’re spending a lot of money on a brand-new car, the configurator gives you the confidence to push the button and order the car with confidence,"  said Caterham brand ambassador Sir Chris Hoy, who was one of the first people to try out the configurator. "If someone was considering buying a Caterham, I would 100% encourage them to come into the showroom to make use of the big screen."

The configurator is already available on Caterham’s website but is now being rolled out at retail locations.

"It’s unlikely you’ll ever see two identical Sevens, and our new configurator demonstrates exactly why that is," said Marcus Randall, head of marketing at Caterham. "Purchasing a Seven is a unique experience, and we want to give people the opportunity to create their perfect car."

Caterham launches its first in-store car configurator

Will Elliott, Renderapp co-founder, added: "We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Caterham team and believe we have delivered a world first with the number of options available within this configurator."

"We look forward to future projects with Caterham, expanding the configurator to make the customer's journey even more enjoyable, memorable and unique. Our goal is to make buying a Caterham as enjoyable as driving a Caterham."

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