One of the primary reasons the Tesla Model 3 has fared so well and topped the Model S and Model X in sales is its less expensive price point. On top of that, it performs almost as well as its two flagship stablemates. Not to mention that it seems Tesla is working hard to update the car even more than it does so in terms of its earlier models.

As proof of what we've pointed out in the past, mainstream automotive publications, YouTube influencers, and social media channels, as well as mass media and petrol-powered racing giants have come to accept that Tesla vehicles are the way of the future. Now, it's just a matter of time before legacy manufacturers take notice and step up their game.

In the meantime, we offer details related to Tesla's current lineup in terms of each cars' overall performance. Do you own a Tesla? If not, which might you buy? Leave us some wisdom in our comment section below.

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Drag Race: Tesla Model 3 vs Model S vs Model X

Who wants to see a drag race between a bunch of fast Teslas? We've got Tesla Model 3 vs Model 3 Performance vs Model S Performance vs Model X Long Range! Step this way! Rory lines up alongside his friends Stef from and Joe Achilles from for an all-electric smackdown!