If this triple-white Bugatti Chiron looks familiar, it’s because we featured it at the end of December. Say hello to the Chiron Hermes edition, a one-of-one creation built for and owned by California real estate mogul Manny Khoshbin. The original article gave us a taste of the car, which Khoshbin described as a journey that actually began way back in 2016. The culmination is a unique Chiron with a stunning finish, custom grille work, custom upholstery, a £50,000 sky view glass roof option, and naturally, the massive W16 quad-turbo engine generating 1,500 bhp.

Khoshbin never mentions exactly how much this one-off Chiron cost, but when a glass-roof option costs more than a new C8 Chevrolet Corvette, you can bet it was very pricey. That cash delivers more than just a car, however, as this latest video from Khoshbin details. Two stacks of items are near the car, one featuring orange bags and boxes, and the other containing a case of items, a duffle bag with a car cover, and a blissfully accurate scale model of the real machine. And yes, Khoshbin is actually wearing booties so as to not get any dirt or stains inside the Chiron. As if that unbelievably impeccable white garage contains any such filth, but we digress.

Gallery: Bugatti Chiron Hermes Edition

The video actually starts with a massive book that’s all about the Chiron. Jumping over to the case, it contains another case (finished in a matching shade of white) that houses the Chiron’s all-important keys. A second compartment in that small box holds the Chiron’s owner's manual, and a second compartment in the large case holds a battery tender. Jumping over to the orange stack, we find a handbag and a large fitted bag that stows in the Chiron's frunk. Naturally, the bags are made of the same leather used for the interior, and everything is finished in a matching shade of white. Ah, to be rich.

The video closes with a closer look at the overall car, and there’s no denying that it’s quite stunning. There are a few other items mentioned in the clip as well, so hit play to see what all you get when you pay millions of dollars (presumably) for Bugatti to create a one-of-one hypercar.