[UPDATE] Video removed from YouTube

As new EVs come to market, we don't always get an up-close look at some of the finer details. When it comes to petrol-powered cars, much of the tech is the same and has been for years, so it may not always be necessary or even that exciting to explore new entrants too deeply.

This is not the case with new electric vehicles, and especially those from legacy OEMs. For this reason, back in November, Porsche Club of America (PCA) focused on the Taycan all-electric car at its Tech Tactics West event at the Porsche USA dealer training centre in Eastvale, California. 

Porsche Taycan deliveries started in the U.S. in December. Despite talk of delays and some people stating that only a few cars made their way into new owners' driveways in the first month, Porsche reported a respectable 130 deliveries. In addition, though talk of EPA-estimated range was a negative for Porsche, some new owners are stating that the car outperforms current range estimates.

While some may say the above delivery number is quite small, we're here to remind you about the initial Tesla Model 3 deliveries. Regardless of massive pre-orders, Tesla delivered just 30, 75, 117, and 145 Model 3s in its first four months to market, respectively. In its first year, with six months of sales, Tesla reported less than 2,000 deliveries. Of course, the tide has turned now, but it's still worth mentioning. 

At any rate, PCA finally released video footage from its 2019 event. It includes a plethora of interesting nuggets related to the car's underbody, three-chamber air suspension, unique battery technology, and battery cooling system. There is also a look at the car's stripped interior.

Take a look at the video above.

Video Description via PCAHQ on YouTube:

Don't use PCA Spotlight: We go underneath and inside the Porsche Taycan at Tech Tactics West

In late November, PCA hosted Tech Tactics West at Porsche’s dealer technician training facility in Eastvale, CA and fortunately there were plenty of Porsche Taycans on hand as well as Lukas Kraemer, Manager of Complete Vehicle, Taycan, to give a presentation to attendees. Kraemer went a step further and allowed us to film a tour of components underneath the EV, as well as inside a car without its interior.

In the video above, you’ll learn about the three-chamber air suspension, battery tech — including how the cooling system works — and more.