No Ladas were harmed in the making of this Garage54 video. Seriously, the subject of this new experiment-gone-wild is a Fiat Uno hatchback, and as you’ve no doubt already seen, it doesn’t escape unharmed. In a world of automotive insanity where few dare to tread, here’s the eight-wheeled supermini you never thought you’d want. But want it you do. It's okay to admit that.

Does a person really need eight wheels on a vehicle? If it carries a massive diesel engine and connects to a large trailer for transporting goods, then actually you want ten wheels. This Fiat packs a minuscule petrol mill that can barely move the car, and it certainly doesn’t transport anything save for mass quantities of snow since the uppermost wheels actually spin inside the interior. That design flaw was rectified shortly after the first test drive with some makeshift splash guards, but still, it does look a bit drafty for passengers.

Gallery: Fiat with eight wheels

For reasons unknown, the eight-wheeler also gets a bright red paint job and you know what? With white wheels spinning themselves like crazy, it actually doesn’t look that bad. There’s some weird symmetry happening in our brains with the counter-rotating top wheel that’s satisfying on some instinctive level, but that’s not to say we want a go behind the wheel. Aside from being open to the elements, only two of those eight wheels enjoy the benefit of functional suspension. Even on smooth ground, the backside of that Fiat bounces more than a six-year-old impatiently waiting to use the toilet after consuming a dozen Capri-Suns.

But, it does function more-or-less as it should, and it certainly garners attention on the street. It’s not remotely practical, and with the Fiat being front-wheel drive there’s absolutely no traction benefit to be had. Actually, that gives us an idea. Remember Garage 54’s homemade all-wheel-drive Lada we covered a couple of weeks ago? Nah, that would never work.

Or would it? Your move, Garage 54.