For many of us, a bucket, some soap, a few bath towels, and a garden hose are our arsenal of choice when it comes to washing cars. It’s enough to remove the dirt and grime that collects in our day-to-day use, but it's far from the scope and scale of an intense, professional detailing. Cleaning a car and returning a car to its like-new look are two different conclusions to the same beginning, though the latter is much more intensive. Topaz Detailing posted a new YouTube video where it breaks down the extreme detailing process on the Lamborghini Veneno.

The process begins with a full decontamination of the Lamborghini in Topaz’s wash bay, starting with the wheels. Horsehair brushes loosen dirt in hard to reach places on the car before it’s rinsed with filtered water. A gentle citrus solution is applied next while badges, panel gaps, and other areas are agitated to loosen and remove dirt. The car is rinsed again before the foam. Then there’s a rinse and more foam followed by a rub down with a lamb wool mitten. Topaz uses the two-bucket system and a grit guard. Poor washing methods can damage the paintwork, as the video notes.

Next, the Lamborghini enters the detailing bay where each wheel is cleaned and colour corrected. A ceramic coating applied to the wheel and callipers helps repel dirt and water. Each wheel arch is steam cleaned before the detailer agitates dirt with a brush, and washes away the grime. Inside, glossy black trim is also colour corrected. Once complete, the Veneno moves to the PPF bay where paint protection film is applied. It’s pre-cut, so no blades are needed during its application on the car. The Veneno goes through two quality checks and final prep before delivery.

This level of detailing isn’t something you do every weekend. That’d get expensive and time-consuming. This is a car wash on steroids, designed for high-end luxury automobiles and their owners who want to keep their machines in exquisite condition. Think of it as an all-inclusive spa for your car.