Just a month after the debut of the refreshed Vauxhall Insignia, the German company has unveiled the facelifted flagship GSi version of the model during the Brussels Motor Show. The visual revisions are not huge but underneath the skin, the vehicle comes with new tech.

Under the bonnet now is a new 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine delivering 227 bhp (169 kilowatts) mated to a nine-speed automatic gearbox, sending power to all four wheels through the Twinster AWD system with torque vectoring.

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In addition, the Insignia GSi, already available to order together with the regular Insignia Sports Tourer and Grand Sport, gets a new electro-hydraulic brake booster, as well as FlexRide mechatronic suspension setup. The revised front end of the car now also incorporates an active full-face shutter for improved aerodynamics, while the wheels hide optimised four-piston Brembo brakes.

Interestingly, the new electro-hydraulic brake booster of the sports D-segment model turns the Insignia into what Vauxhall describes as “a platform for technology that will be required for automated driving in the future.” The tech uses to so-called eBoost system, which is a fundamental component for “braking by wire.”

As standard, the Insignia GSi comes equipped with an adaptive sports suspension which can operate in four different modes - Standard, Tour, Sport, and Competition. 

“We are proud of our new flagship,” Opel CEO, Michael Lohscheller said during the presentation of the vehicle in Brussels. “The Insignia looks fantastic, featuring class-leading technologies such as the IntelliLux LED Pixel Light, fuel-efficient gas and diesel engines, adaptive FlexRide suspension and outstanding wellness seats. The GSi is again the top model in the series and as engaging to drive as a real sports car.”

Vauxhall has also disclosed the engines in non-GSi form. The range includes 1.4- and 2.0-litre turbo petrol units with 143 (107 kW) and 197 bhp (147 kW) respectively, and a 1.5-litre diesel with 120 bhp (109 kW).  All-new Insignias will be available to order in the UK from next month (February 2020.)

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  • Insignia now consumes up to 18% less fuel than outgoing model thanks to all-new engine family
  • Low-friction gearboxes provide comfortable, effortless gear shifting
  • New GSi available with torque vectoring and all-wheel-drive’
  • All-new Insignias available to order from next month

Luton – Vauxhall’s new Insignia consumes up to 18 per cent less fuel than the outgoing model thanks to powerful high-efficiency engines, with CO2 emissions as low as 100g/km on the NEDC cycle. A new top-of-the-range GSi model also joins the range.

On sale next month, the new Insignia is one of the most fuel-efficient cars in its segment. Low-friction gearboxes, an electro-hydraulic brake booster, mechatronic suspension and four-wheel drive with torque vectoring combine to present an athletic, attractive and class-leading flagship model.

The new Insignia engine range features three- and four-cylinder units, beginning with a 1.4-litre (145hp) petrol engine and a 1.5-litre (122hp) diesel. The three-cylinder engines are up to 50kg lighter than their predecessors in the outgoing model. Above these are two 2.0-litre petrol engines with 200hp and 230hp, as well as a 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel, which will be introduced later this year.

The 2.0-litre petrol units are also the first Vauxhall engines with cylinder deactivation. Unless the driver needs a lot of power, the variable camshaft control deactivates two cylinders, significantly reducing fuel consumption.

In addition, the low-friction gearbox configurations provide comfortable, seamless gear shifting. Insignia customers have the choice of a six-speed manual gearbox – a particularly economical, stepless transmission – or an eight or nine-speed automatic.






Power (hp) @ rpm

145 @ 5,000

200 @ 4,500

230 @ 5,000

122 @ 3,250

Torque (Nm @ rpm)

236 @ 1,500-3,500

350 @ 1,500-4,000

350 @ 1,500-4,000

300 @ 1,750-2,500


Euro 6d

Euro 6d

Euro 6d

Euro 6d






Preliminary NEDC fuel consumption (MPG)




- CO2 g/km

45.6 – 46.3

61.4 – 65.7

54.3 – 56.5



55.4 - 58.9

44.1 - 45.6






58.9 - 61.4

80.7 - 85.6

70.6 - 74.3


Preliminary WLTP fuel consumption combined (MPG)


CO2 g/km

45.6 - 48.7

135 – 144

37.2 - 38.7

171 – 176

33.2 - 34.0

193 – 198

57.6 - 61.4

121 – 130

The new Insignia’s outstanding fuel efficiency is even further improved with a full-face active shutter. Located around the front grille, the shutter closes at the top as well as the bottom. Taking thermal, electrical and aerodynamic factors into account, the upper and lower portions of the grille open and close to make the Insignia even more economical to run. In addition, the full-face shutter can also delay cooldown after switching off the engine or accelerate warm-up after a cold start. This is particularly useful in winter, offering significant benefits to fuel consumption and cabin heating comfort.

Insignia GSi

The new Vauxhall Insignia GSi features sporty Twinster four-wheel drive with torque vectoring unique to its segment. In all-wheel drive (AWD) mode, two clutches replace a conventional rear differential and deliver the perfect power transfer per wheel in every driving situation. With this technology, the new Insignia GSi is more agile in curves, offers the best cornering and stands out with excellent traction. For an even more active driving experience, the new nine-speed automatic transmission can be operated by the paddles on the steering wheel.

Put through its paces on the legendary Nordschleife track at the Nürburgring in Germany, the Vauxhall Insignia GSi features a tuned chassis for extremely high grip. The powerful Brembo four-piston brakes (with red calipers) and the direct steering have also been further improved.

With its electro-hydraulic brake booster, the Insignia represents a platform for technology that will be required for automated driving in the future. The integrated ‘eBoost’ system is a component for “braking by wire”, which dispenses with the need for separate ABS/ESP modules, vacuum lines and vacuum pumps. As vacuum is generated by an electric motor instead of the engine, fuel consumption is further reduced. Pressure is generated more quickly, and brake feel has been improved.

The Insignia GSi comes as standard with mechatronic FlexRide suspension, which adapts shock absorbers and steering in fractions of a second. In addition, FlexRide changes the characteristic of the accelerator as well as the shift-points of the nine-speed automatic transmission. The driver can choose between the driving modes ‘Standard’, ‘Tour’, ‘Sport’ and – exclusively for the GSi – ‘Competition’.

The new Insignia GSi will celebrate its international debut at the Brussels Motor Show (9th to 19th January) on the Opel (Vauxhall’s sister brand) stand.

Next-generation IntelliLux LED headlights

Class-leading IntelliLux LED technology is equipped in the Insignia’s headlights for the first time. The Vauxhall-exclusive feature is deployed in the Insignia for high energy efficiency and to project more light for safer conditions driving at night. An industry-leading total of 84 LED bulbs are fitted in each headlight, instead of the previous 16, allowing the camera-connected control unit to react faster and with more precision to every traffic situation.

The light beam is automatically switched between a dipped and main beam during night driving, with the IntelliLux LED technology able to adjust seamlessly in milliseconds. The precision of these new headlights reduces the possibility of glare for oncoming or preceding traffic, as the light unit scans the road to be constantly reactive.

The power of the new IntelliLux LED headlights has been significantly increased, while the reduced energy consumption of the units makes the Insignia more efficient overall. The 84 LED elements are arranged in three rows within the ultra-slim headlight unit. The headlights can be used as LED daytime running lights (DRLs), dipped or main beam to suit the conditions.

Range and direction of the headlights vary according to the driving situation and surroundings. The light functions range from adapting to a curve in the road, to bad weather, to town, country or motorway driving. On the motorway, light beams are extended beyond the line of sight ahead so drivers can clearly see roadside signs, also reducing glare for oncoming drivers. The lights are also optimised to make parking easier.

Innovative new technology

The newest version of the popular Insignia model features class-leading technology and equipment. As a first for this flagship model, the Insignia features a new rear-view camera that improves rearward vision. Safety in reversing can be increased with the optional rear cross traffic alert, which uses radar sensors to detect objects 90 degrees to the left or right behind the car, up to a distance of 20m away. The driver is warned by acoustic signals, and on the display screen.

Further driver assistive technology includes:

  • Forward collision with automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection
  • Lane keep assist
  • Side blind spot alert
  • Adaptive cruise control with emergency braking
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Advanced park assist
  • Head-up display

For driver convenience, infotainment options are compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, from the basic seven-inch colour touchscreen Multimedia Radio to the Multimedia Navi Pro unit. The top-of-the-line version features an eight-inch touchscreen and a number of Connected Navigation services. Journeys can be made easier with real-time traffic information, online map updates and predictive navigation for route planning, while new symbols give the navigation display a fresher, more modern appearance.

The optional E-Call system exclusive to Vauxhall can be specified for Insignia orders, automatically sending an emergency call if the seatbelt tensioners or airbags are deployed. Alternatively, help can be summoned in seconds by pressing the red E-Call button.

Innovative tech features are not limited to the running features or infotainment unit as ergonomically certified AGR sears are available as an option for the driver and passenger, while compatible smartphones can be charged wirelessly.