McLaren introduced the Senna back in December 2017 as the third member of the Ultimate Series, joining the mighty F1 and P1. However, the supercar was not presented as a direct successor to the latter as it has a slightly different focus than the hybrid beast - to achieve faster lap times. This means the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 is combined with special aerodynamics, which affect the acceleration and top speed of the car. A new video shows the differences between the Senna and P1 with a direct drag race between the two supercars.

The clip starts with a race between a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and the Senna and the British model takes a comfortable win. Next is the first run against the P1 and while the camera doesn’t show us both cars at the start, some of the comments under the video suggest the hybrid had an early start, which leads to a huge advantage.

In the second duel between the two McLarens, it’s the same story - we only get to see the Senna but presumably, this was a more fair start. Still, the P1 is significantly faster and this shouldn’t come as a big surprise given then Senna’s track-focused aerodynamics.

What’s the moral of the story? The P1 still prevails, almost seven years after its debut and four years after it went out of production. Of course, we don’t know whether the P1 used launch control but the Senna appears to launch without the system in all three runs. We’d love to see the two cars meet on a real drag strip with skilled drivers behind the wheel using the launch control. Who knows, the results might be different.

Below is a video showing the two races from a different angle to get a better idea of the P1's launch.