How much does it cost to run the most popular cars in the country?

New research from ChooseMyCar has revealed the costs of owning and running the most popular cars in Britain.

The website studied the most popular cars in in the country to uncover which are the most cost-effective to drive and own, including those which will get you the furthest on a full tank of fuel and the cost of driving them per mile.

2018 Toyota Aygo facelift

The 10 cheapest cars to run per mile (cost per mile)

Toyota Aygo

10.55p per mile

Toyota Yaris 10.60p per mile
Citroen C3 10.64p per mile
Peugeot 208 10.90p per mile
Skoda Fabia 11.33p per mile
Volkswagen Golf 11.46p per mile
Volkswagen Polo 11.56p per mile
Seat Leon 11.62p per mile
Renault Captur 11.91p per mile
Audi A3 11.98p per mile

The 5 most expensive cars to run per mile (cost per mile)

Land Rover Range Rover 23.02p per mile
Land Rover Discovery 20.72p per mile
Toyota C-HR 16.21p per mile
Ford Kuga 15.26p per mile
Kia Sportage 15.07p per mile


The research also revealed the cars which go the furthest on one full tank of fuel...

Peugeot 3008 617.69 miles
BMW 5 Series 609.77 miles
Peugeot 208 585.13 miles
Land Rover Range Rover 582.05 miles
Skoda Octavia 579.52 miles
Peugeot 3008

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