Australia definitely won’t be among the biggest markets for the Porsche Taycan globally but that doesn’t mean that customers from the Land Down Under don’t deserve special treatment. The Australian site of the Stuttgart-based company now offers a range of official merchandising products related to the all-electric saloon - and there are a few quite interesting offerings.

Of course, what caught our attention the most is the wooden Taycan toy car that has a shape inspired by the real-world EV and somehow reminds us of a recent Porsche patent. It is available in white, red, and black with wheels in a natural bright wooden finish. It’s made entirely from wood and is approximately 4.7 inches (12 centimetres) long. Porsche wants $42.4 AUD for it, which translates to roughly £22.50, easily making it the most affordable Taycan on the market.

Gallery: Porsche Taycan merchandise

There’s also a neat T-shirt with graphics inspired by the Taycan, which comes packaged in an exclusive metal box printed with the same motif, as well as a postcard “explaining the vehicle.” That’s actually something we’d buy as a gift to someone and the price of $87.55 AUD, or £46, sounds reasonable.

The official Porsche Taycan calendar for 2020 doesn’t seem so reasonably priced, however. The collection of 13 different motifs, showcasing the current models by “artificially staging the vehicle exterior colours on the road and race track,” is listed at $94.45 AUD, which equals about £50.

A number of other interesting items can be found at Porsche’s Australian website, including a unisex ultralight jacket, a sports bag, and a backpack, so make sure to take a look at this link or ask your local Porsche dealer for more details.