We all know that Ford hasn't been at the forefront of the best news recently, but we stumbled upon a little story that will definitely bring a smile or tear down your face. Personally, I've never known anyone that was born blind or lost their sight at some point in their lives, but it's something that I would never wish upon anyone. We often take the gift of seeing and visualising our experiences and daily lives for granted, our brains playing back our memories in colour and motion, able to make out all the tiny details in our cherished memories. It's hard to imagine someone who cannot see what we see, and feel the emotions connected to that moment in time. Ford is making a huge difference, and it's pretty close to making sure everyone can see the world in their own way. 

Called "Feel The View", it was conceived and developed by Ford and GTB in Italy, in collaboration with a local start-up called Aedo that creates devices for the visually impaired. It works by creating the sensation of sight through 255 vibrations sent through a vehicle's window glass that the hand can feel an interpret. All you have to do is press the button and the device takes a picture of the scenery. This picture is actually a high-contrast monochrome image, the picture converted into greyscale, where the machine can translate every shade of grey into a unique vibration of varying intensity on the car window.

This allows the visually impaired to "feel" the scenery by making out details and depth through touch, essentially being able to rebuild the landscape in their minds. Another neat touch is an integrated virtual assistant that can help add context to the image by saying key words about the image through the car's speakers. This is the kind of stories about the future of motoring that we should all get behind; good on you, Ford.