Damd from Japan specializes in making body kits for a variety of vehicles, and the company seems to have a sense of humour. After presenting pieces to make the Suzuki Jimny looks like a Land Rover Defender and Mercedes-Benz G-Class at last year's Tokyo Auto Salon, the business follows them up with Ford Bronco and classic Jimny kits for the event in 2020. Plus, there are some interesting takes on the boxy Honda N-Van.

Gallery: Damd at 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon

The Dronco is Damd's take on the original Ford Bronco, and the classic look is a fantastic match on the boxy Jimny. The tweaks include a new grille with a variety of small slats and a simple, metal bumper underneath it. The wing flares are smaller and strips of metallic trim adorn the sides. At the back, the bumper matches the one in front, but the taillights incorporate into the space. A ladder provides access to the roof.

Damd Suzuki Jimny Classic Jimny Kit
Damd Suzuki Jimny Classic Jimny Kit

The company's other Jimny body kit is The Roots. The horizontal slats in its grille are a direct reference to the Jimny LJ10 from 1970. The rest of the pieces look fairly similar to the components on the Dronco, except for touches like using the body colour on the mirrors and rear bumper. 

Damd Honda N-Van Malibu

If the Jimny isn't your style, then maybe Damd's takes on the Honda N-Van is more to your taste. The Denali body kit seems to take inspiration from American vans in the 1970s with its black grille centre and chrome-lined edge.

The Malibu has a more whimsical appearance because of parts like a grille that outlines the bottom edge of the headlights and a wood-grain stripe down the side of the body.

Damd isn't offering these parts for sale yet but intends to introduce them in 2020.