Sure - we know you know which car is the slowest from the trio. But, in our eyes, that doesn’t make this drag race less exciting, and - what’s probably more important - it should help us find out the answer to one very simple question. How does a sports car compare to a supercar in a straight line test?

For the purposes of this acceleration comparison, the 888MF channel on YouTube took an Alfa Romeo 4C, Ferrari 488 Pista, and McLaren 600LT. To quickly put the numbers on the table, the Ferrari comes with a 3.9-litre V8 with 710 bhp (529 kilowatts), the McLaren brings its 3.8-litre V8 with 592 bhp (440 kW), and the Alfa has a 1.75-litre inline-four with 280 bhp (209 kW). Doesn’t sound like a fair battle, right?

Well, as we mentioned, the idea of this drag is to demonstrate the difference between a supercar and a sports car. The results are obvious (no, we are not going to disclose the winner) but we must admit the 4C performed great considering it's quite underpowered compared to its supercar opponents.

Seeing the Italian two-seater in action brings tears to our eyes knowing that the automaker has decided to cancel its production. Technically, you’re probably still able to buy a brand new 4C but only if your dealership has examples in stock, which in the French market means roughly just 20 models. Once the dealer supply runs out, that will be it for Alfa's nimble runabout.

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