Most petrolheads will have heard of Hoonigan and their racing endeavours with internet superstar Ken Block. Not as many will know about their second YouTube channel, Daily Transmission, where the Hoonigans look at the craziest car builds they can get their hands on. This episode is no exception with a custom-built track kart using the powerplant from an AMG Mercedes.

The creator, Shehryar Khan, walked Vin and Ron around his simply insane build. Khan, an already keen time attack driver who started with a 2004 Mercedes-AMG E55 wanted to take his vehicle to the next level. We’re unsure of the genesis of his idea to build a track kart but he took the engine out of his E55 and started with mostly fresh components. 

Khan wanted more power from the already mighty AMG V8. As standard, the engine is supercharged and produces roughly 500 bhp (372 kilowatts). This wasn’t enough for Khan, who removed the supercharger and fitted two substantial turbochargers. This new engine setup increases power to around 700 bhp (521 kW). Along with keeping the engine from the E55, he also kept the brakes to help corral the power.

Rather than using an existing subframe to build the body, Khan went the extra mile and built his own. He even calculated the weight for the engine and gearbox before starting the design process to ensure proper 50/50 distribution. As such, the engine is nestled behind the front wheels, and to help in the cornering department, the front end utilises a Formula 1-style inboard suspension. With this new body design weighing roughly 950 kilograms and the car producing around 700 bhp, it gives you some idea of how ludicrous Khan’s creation really is.

Khan also produced an aero kit for his vehicle which isn’t Formula 1 spec, but is still mighty impressive. His creation features a front chin spoiler, side air intakes, side skirts, and canards. The kit he designed is so effective he doesn’t need cooling fans for any of the car’s systems. 

To cap off the video, Khan lets loose in the Hoonigan yard with some donuts and smokey action. This is a testament to the car’s power as it utilises semi-slick track tyres, and the yard is well rubberised from previous tyre slayers. After getting a taste of what Khan’s car could do in the yard, we’d love to see what it could do in a time attack event.