We feature quite a few drag race videos at Motor1.com, and why not? This simple contest of speed is literally as old as life on earth. Granted, it started as a life-or-death struggle with the loser becoming a predator’s dinner. But these days the lighter side of racing is bragging rights, and you’ll struggle to find any venue where bragging rights flow freer than with a bunch of supercar owners at a race track.

That's the crux of this video from ExoticCarspotters on YouTube. The action took place earlier this year in The Netherlands, during Super Car Sunday at the TT Circuit of Assen. A group of over 20 various machines took part, which isn’t an extraordinary number but among them was a rare Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. We don’t see these cars out and about much at all, never mind ripping through the gears at a track.

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Numerous iterations of the Porsche 911 were also on-hand, not to mention some highly modified metal of more humble origins. Admittedly, a Nissan GT-R isn’t necessarily humble in any guise, never mind when it’s packing no less than 1,200 bhp. A few long-roof Audis were also on hand, with our favourite being a menacing RS6 Avant with 740 bhp on tap. As the video shows, it embarrassed more than a few drivers during the day.

Arguably, the Aventador SVJ was the head-turner at the event. It makes short work of a BMW in its first race and absolutely embarrasses a black Porsche 911 later on. The most orange drag race we’ve ever seen comes later against a McLaren 570 Spider, and though the action is closer, the Lambo takes another win.

In fact, the Aventador SVJ ends up beating all its competitors that day, though we’re proud to say its toughest battle was not against a proper supercar, but an Audi estate.