There are two types of vehicles that have been gaining popularity in the past year – SUVs and electric vehicles. That's quite understandable, really. SUVs offer cabin space and versatility that you won't find in low-riding cars, while electric cars are taking off because of government incentives and inherent efficiency.

With that said, automakers have been making their own electric SUVs, combining both rising trends in the automotive industry. In fact, electric SUVs are dime-a-dozen these days. Mercedes has its EQC, while Jaguar as its award-winning I-Pace. America's top-selling electric vehicle maker, Tesla, has the Model Y in the pipeline. Even Ford joined the bandwagon with the controversial Mustang Mach-E.  

VW ID.3 Wagon Rendering By Kleber Silva
VW ID.3 Wagon Rendering By Kleber Silva

Just in case you're one of the few who are not fans of electric high-riders, this Volkswagen ID.3 estate would be a perfect alternative. Too bad, however, this is just a concept rendering by Kleber Silva posted over at Behance.

The reimagined version of the electric ID.3 looks really great. Not just because we're fans of estates but also because of how it's beautifully executed, especially the rear end. We particularly like the way the roof tapers off at the back, adding a sporty appeal into a standard-looking electric hatchback. Or yes, maybe we're just big fans of estates.

Volkswagen should really look into adding an estate variant to the ID family. The trend might not dictate so, but having an alternative for those who aren't into SUVs but want spacious cars wouldn't hurt, considering how flexible the modular MEB platform is.

That thought isn't on the horizon just yet but for now, all we can do is dream that VW turns this artist rendering into reality someday.