We’ve seen some great cars at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, including the super rare 901, different 959s, and many, many others. It turns out there are tens (if not hundreds) of quite interesting vehicles Porsche is not currently displaying or hasn’t displayed at all yet. There’s a secret place where all these beauties sleep and that garage is the star of TheSpeedhunters’ latest video, which takes us on a 13-minute tour around the Porsche Museum storage facility.

The man who currently holds the key to this automotive heaven on Earth is Benjamin Marjanac, who works with Alexander Klein. The two allowed TheSpeedhunters team to photograph “this absolute stash of Porsche history in peace and quiet, at night.” 

“This isn't the first story about Porsche's storage facility, and it won't be the last. But this dream garage on steroids is constantly changing, so no walk through is ever the same. Madness. We join Beny for a POV tour of the not-so-secret bunker,” TheSpeedhunters team says.

Interestingly, Marjanac says that about 20 percent of the cars currently parked in the secret garage are driveable within 30 minutes, including one of the Porsche 911 GT1s. The video walks us through quite a lot of GT cars from all generations, several prototypes and test cars, a number of race cars, and - surprise! - a few examples of the Mercedes-Benz 500E hand made by Porsche.

The storage facility was opened in 2012 and before that, the cars were split across various different locations throughout Stuttgart. Head over to TheSpeedhunters’ original story for more very interesting details and a killer photo session with rare and exclusive Porsches not currently displayed at the Porsche Museum.