The Honda CRX is one of our all-time favourite cars - it was light, humble, affordable, and durable - what's not to love? Produced between 1983 and 1991, it was replaced by the Honda del Sol in the manufacturer’s lineup and is now a thing of the past that’s most likely never coming back again. But what if the automaker decides to bring it back to life for the 2021 model year? The Photoshop manipulator TheSketchMonkey is here to give us the answer.

Taking a 1991 model as a base, the designer imagines a modern interpretation of the lightweight two-door entry-level sports car, which had a curb weight of just 1,713 pounds (777 kilograms) in the HF trim with a manual gearbox. The video focuses on the rear three-quarter angle of the car and proposes a radically new design for the rear end which somewhat reminds us of a Porsche 911.

The car appears way more aggressive than the original, especially with the massive bumper diffuser and the central exhaust system. The overall shape and proportions are retained which is good news considering the nearly perfect dimensions of the 1991 CRX.

If you think outside the box for a moment, Honda actually had a modern version of the CRX but it never got the same interest from customers as its predecessor. The CR-Z looked great and followed the same basic recipe but was underpowered and way too slow to be attractive on the market when it first appeared in 2010. 

If we have to be honest, we don’t believe a modern-day CRX would sell well. It’s definitely a great idea, however, the crossover-crazy market these days demands different vehicles from what was popular some three decades ago. That doesn’t mean that this rendering is bad - exactly the opposite as we really like TheSketchMonkey’s design.