Daihatsu specialises in building small cars, particularly for the Japanese market, and the automaker has a variety of special machines to put on display at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon in January. In addition to modified examples of the Copen, Hijet, Rocky, and Tanto, the company also has the Taft concept there. 

Gallery: Daihatsu at 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon

The Taft looks a little like a Hummer H2 after driving through a shrink ray. Daihatsu describes it as a "partner who can be active in various fields from everyday life to leisure." The boxy, little vehicle had room for four people inside. Power comes from a 660cc engine, suggesting that if a production version happens, then it could comply with Japan's kei car classification.

Daihatsu also has a modified Copen for the show. The red roadster wears a revised front fascia with larger openings, a carbon fibre bonnet, and a spoiler on the rear deck. The black wheels have polished metal rims.

The Rocky gets some tiny tweaks, too. It wears a revised body kit and black stripes over the orange body.

A pair of custom Daihatsu Tantos are also there. The Tanto Cross Field Version wears a beige and orange exterior. A roof rack provides a spot to carry outdoor gear.

Conversely, the Tanto Premium version is all about style with a massive grille featuring blue accents. The A-pillars and roof are black to provide an accent over the silver body.

The company also has three versions of the Hijet for the Tokyo Auto Salon. The Peaks Version is ready for off-roading, and if you can't find a place to go mountaineering, there are climbing grips on the sides of the body.

The DJ Version has a colourful body. Plus, the rear section features a big sound system and a large screen for entertaining crowds.

Finally, Daihatsu teams up with Japanese virtual singer Hatsune Miku for a little van that hides a popup store on the inside.