Volkswagen might want you to think the next-generation Caddy will have sports car looks, but spy shots of actual prototypes have clearly revealed that won’t be the case. The attractive sketches published by the automaker’s commercial division have now been brought closer to reality courtesy of renderings from previewing the workhorse in production attire.

While VW teased the cargo panel van derivative of its fourth-generation Caddy, the adjacent digital design exercise tries to predict the passenger car version that has already been confirmed by the folks from Wolfsburg. Knowing VW and how it chooses to tweak a vehicle’s design when the time comes for a new generation, we won’t be surprised if the real deal will look very much like this.

2020 VW Caddy rendering

It would be an understatement to say the current Caddy is getting a bit long in the tooth considering the model has been around since 2003 and it still rides on Golf Mk5 bones. VW hasn’t gone into any details about the oily bits of the all-new model, but chances are the fourth iteration of its cargo and people hauler will switch to the omnipresent MQB platform and consequently make the Caddy feel more car-like than ever.

The revamped utilitarian vehicle could prove to be even more relevant to the UK market. That’s because the company has teamed up with Ford for a commercial van and pickup collaboration. Announced at the beginning of the year, the deal calls for VW to “develop and build a city van,” and the Caddy fits that bill for a possible next-generation Transit Connect.

One of the 34 new models to be introduced by VW in 2020, the all-new Caddy is going to debut in February.