After taking the BMW Z4 M40i for a quick lap around the Nürburgring back in September 2018, Sport Auto’s Christian Gebhardt hopped onto the driver’s seat of the mechanically related Toyota Supra A90. While the Bimmer completed a lap of the Nordschleife in 7 minutes and 55.41 seconds, the new Zupra ended up being a little over three seconds quicker by crossing the finish line in 7:52.17. An onboard video with the nimble sports car shows all the action as the fifth-gen coupe tackles the challenging corners of the famous German track.

How does the Supra stack up against other sports cars? Well, the very same Christian Gebhardt lapped the ‘Ring in an almost identical 7:52.36 with an M2 Competition in October last year. A little over a month ago, he needed 8:04 to complete the same task while driving the track-focused Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR.

If we were to go back in time, Sport Auto tested the M3 GTS in 2013 and lapped the demanding circuit in 7:48, while a year later the M4 Coupe and Aston Martin V12 Vantage S virtually tied the Supra’s 7:52.

While Christian Gebhardt is obviously very skilled, a full-time professional race car driver would likely shave off quite a few seconds from the lap time. In addition, we have to take into account this is only the base Supra (well, there’s a four-cylinder model in Japan) and Toyota has already announced there will be a plethora of hotter derivatives. With more power and possibly less weight from a potential GRMN variant, the Nürburgring lap time should drop furthermore in the years to come.