Mobile gaming has exploded in recent years as more than two billion people own smartphones today. Those tiny, pocket-sized computers include a plethora of automotive-themed mobile games for every flavor of car enthusiasts. Sometime early next year, Gameloft, the video game developer and publisher behind games such as Asphalt Legends 9, will introduce Overdrive City, a city-building mobile game for car lovers. 

Gameloft says Overdrive City will celebrate car culture, which includes buying and collecting cars, tuning them, and racing. But Overdrive City goes further than just building, tuning, and racing cars. The game will also allow car fans to build their ultimate car-oriented city. Players will be able to build things needed to manufacture and service cars, and trade cars and car parts. Cities can feature showrooms, custom roadways, and other car memorabilia. 

The game will offer over 50 iconic cars from brands such as Ford, Porsche, and BMW. Players will be able to collect, customise, and upgrade the vehicles, too. Then, players can challenge rivals in an available career mode. Overdrive City looks like a cross between Asphalt Legends, Sim City, and CSR Racing 2, which should provide a unique gaming experience. 

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It’s difficult not to compare Overdrive City to Car Town, the Facebook browser game that’d let players collect and modify cars while allowing players to build and customise their own garage. The publisher discontinued the game in 2014, but not before it spawned Car Town Streets, a version of Car Town where players could build a car-friendly city. 

Overdrive City will arrive on mobile devices sometime early next year on the App Store, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store. It’ll be a welcomed addition to car-themed mobile games where the goal isn’t just about racing. 

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Create and Grow a Brand New Car Empire: Gameloft announces Overdrive City

Paris, December 19th , 2019 – Gameloft, leader in the development and publishing of games, is proud to announce Overdrive City, a brand new kind of mobile game that celebrates car culture as a whole, from building and collecting cars to racing them. Car fans become automotive visionaries and create the ultimate city, manufacture their favorite cars, and even get behind the wheel to race! Pre-registration opens today on Google Play and players can sign-up and learn more at

Overdrive City provides an unprecedented experience for players to celebrate their passion for cars from the factory floor to the fast lane. For the first time in a game, they will build a city from the ground up to manufacture and service cars, and trade cars and car parts with friends. Each city can feature automotive showrooms, custom racetrack roadways, and other car memorabilia.

They will be able to collect, upgrade, and customize over 50 iconic cars from top brands including Ford, Porsche, BMW, and many others. Then, they will unleash the true power of their car collection by facing off against challenging rivals in a career mode to become a race champion!

“With Overdrive City, we wanted to provide a fresh take on the classic city building genre and delight car lovers in an original and innovative way,” said Thomas Aurick, VP of Creation at Gameloft. “Gameloft has longstanding relationships with the most prestigious car manufacturing brands, and we are thrilled to leverage those to craft a unique car game that spans genres and audiences.”

Overdrive City is currently in beta within specific geo-territories, and is set to launch worldwide on the App Store, Google Play and the Microsoft Store early next year.