James May is back on screen. After revealing to his fans his two new rides - a Tesla Model S and a Toyota Mirai, he now takes a look back at his career as an automotive journalist. In a seven-minute video for the JOE channel on YouTube, he also talks about how he was fired from several different places and gives us advice on what to do if we lose our jobs.

The clip begins with May explaining how he was famously fired from Autocar for putting secret messages in the magazine. Then, he tells us the story of how he worked (and was fired) from a Volvo dealership and an ice cream kiosk. All funny stories from the same guy who once kept a press Jaguar for three years.

At some point in the video, May simply starts giving advice on many different and not really car-related topics, including what not to leave in your fridge and what not to watch on TV. However, on the serious front, his words on what to do when you lose your job are actually very smart and useful - simply put, don’t see it as a problem, see it as an opportunity. Try to learn something new, rethink what you might like to do, have a go at something else.

And then, after all the inspirational messages, May turns the conversation into a video story of his recent stay in Japan. He starts by expressing his belief that “going to the lavatory in Japan is one of the highlights of the human existence.” Then, he adds that “there’s one area of cutting edge tech where Japan definitely sits on the throne” - and no, it’s not cars.