Hyundai will take to the skies at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The brand's PAV concept is an airborne vehicle designed to “alleviate road congestion and give back quality time to city commuters,” according to Hyundai. 

An abbreviation for Personal Air Vehicle, the PAV will be joined by the PBV, or Purpose Built Vehicle. Hyundai notes that the PBV includes autonomous functions, which will presumably allow consumers to forgo participating in most driving actions while seated in the vehicle. 

Hyundai sees a future that includes a common meetup space for the PAV and PBV. Called “the Hub,” the locations will serve as communal areas, per the automaker. In fact, the South Korean company envisions a time where Hubs are located throughout individual cities.

It’s an ambitious view of the future that feels very Blade Runner, and one we doubt will see the light of day anytime soon – if ever. Still, it’s fun to dream about what the comings decades and centuries have in store, and there’s arguably no better place to do so than at CES.

We'll have more information about Hyundai’s PAV, PBV, and Hub concepts as CES draws closer. Until then, you might as well keep daydreaming about the future of urban mobility.