One of the Volkswagen ID.3 pre-orderers from Denmark reports that an e-mail from the company indicates an upcoming four versions of the car (after the first batch of 30,000 units of the ID.3 1ST launch edition).

Besides the three battery options (45 kWh, 58 kWh and 77 kWh), already described previously, there might be two electric motor options - 150 kW and 110 kW.

We extracted the main data from the article here (all new data is unofficial at this point):

ID.3 Pure Pro Pro Power Pro S
Range (WLTP) 205 miles 261 miles 261 miles 342 miles
Battery (net/total) 45 kWh/48 kWh 58 kWh/62 kWh 58 kWh/62 kWh 77 kWh/82 kWh
Electric Motor (peak) 110 kW 110 kW 150 kW 150 kW
Charging power AC (max) 7.2 kW 11 kW (3-phase) 11 kW (3-phase) 11 kW (3-phase)
Charging power DC (max) 50 kW (100 kW option) 100 kW 100 kW 125 kW

The unofficial source reveals also the expected price in Denmark ("not directly comparable with the rest of Europe due to the high registration taxes"):

  • Pure: 279,995 Danish Krone (£31,924)
  • Pro: 309,995 Danish Krone (£35,360)
  • Pro Power: 319,995 Danish Krone (£36,501)
  • Pro S: to be announced in January

Gallery: Volkswagen ID.3 1ST (2020)

Here's previous info in regards to the ID.3:

  • ID.3 1ST special edition (30,000 vehicles), medium battery pack (58 kWh, 420 km / 261 miles of WLTP range), starting below €40,000 in Germany before the deduction of the subsidy, in four colors and three trim versions
  • ID.3 regular with medium battery pack
  • ID.3 regular with big battery pack
  • ID.3 regular with base battery pack starting below €30,000 (target) in Germany