The British GP topped both the Sunday and full weekend attendance figures as Formula 1 attracted its biggest ever spectator figures over a full season in 2019.

The F1 organisation on Thursday claimed a total attendance of 4,164,948, based on numbers provided by the race promoters – representing an increase of 1.75% over the previous season.

Both years featured 21 races, although the 2019 figures were impacted by the cancellation of Saturday activities in Japan due to a typhoon.

The British GP topped the weekend attendance numbers at 351,000, ahead of Mexico (345,694) and Australia (324,100). Eight other races logged more than 200,000 people, including Singapore, the USA, Belgium and Hungary.

F1 is also claiming a record weekend attendance of 200,000 for the Italian GP.

The biggest increases compared to 2018 were achieved by Canada (+14.69%), China (+10.34%), Australia (+9.86%), Austria (+9.73%), Hungary (+9.52%) and Italy (+9.29%). Sunday attendance was up 4% overall on 2018, at 1,771,106.

The largest crowds were in Britain (141,000), Mexico (138,435), the USA (128,000), Singapore (115,240), Belgium (109,064) and Australia (102,000). The biggest year-on-year increase was the 30% registered by China, which hosted the 1000th world championship race.

Paddock Club attendance for the year was 80,118, up 7.15% on 2018 (although the figures do not include Australia, Singapore and Brazil.)

"Our mission is to unleash the greatest racing spectacle on the planet and give our fans an experience they will never forget," said F1 commercial boss Sean Bratches.

"We are therefore delighted to see that, based on research carried out on the ground, those attending events are enjoying their experience over a race weekend and we are determined to ensure they continue to feel that way."