While all eyes are still on Bentley’s gorgeously redesigned third-generation Continental GT, Mulliner, “Bentley’s in-house bespoking division,” has designed a limited edition Mulsanne for China. Mulliner will build 15 examples for the Asian country, and each will feature an extended wheelbase. The bespoke touches don’t change the Mulsanne’s content. Instead, the subtle styling touches add even more luxury to the model.

The limited-edition Mulsanne comes in either Black Velvet, a black-based finish with red pigments, or Onyx, a dark blue mixed with other dark tones. Each of the 15 Mulsanne saloons will feature a hand-painted gold design line that stretches from the front headlight, down the side to the rear door. Another gold design line follows the car’s rear haunch to the taillights. It’s a subtle touch that adds contrast to the Mulsanne’s otherwise dark exterior. 21-inch, 14-spoke polished wheels are standard while Mulliner replaces the Mulsanne’s standard grille with its “Serenity” grille with its double diamond quilt pattern. 

Gallery: Bentley Mulsanne EWB Limited Edition by Mulliner

Inside, it’s all luxury with several exclusive touches added. The interior is covered in various veneers, leathers, metals, and other materials. The most striking new detail inside is the London skyline embroidered into all four seats. It’s also on the dashboard in front of the passenger. Customers will have three interior colour combinations: Newmarket Tan with Burnt Oak, Fireglow with Imperial Blue, or Shortbread with Redwood. 

The Bentley Mulsanne may live in the shadow of the Rolls-Royce Phantom, but it’s still a remarkable ultra-luxury saloon that looks elegant. Yes, it’s aging, but it’s doing so gracefully. Bentley will need to do more than roll out a few special editions models to ignite interest in the model. Rolls updated the Phantom in 2017. The current Mulsanne debuted in 2010 for the 2011 model year.  

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(Crewe, 18th December 2019) Bentley’s in-house bespoking division, Mulliner, has created a limited edition series of the flagship Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase, exclusively for China. Created by devoted craftsmen and women and honouring the beauty of bespoke, this limited edition Mulsanne builds on the foremost luxury limousine in the world with unique details that reference its British country of origin.

The limited edition Mulsanne is available in two sumptuous single tone finishes. Onyx uses a hint of dark blue, mixed with darker tones to create the deepest black finish offered by Bentley. The alternative Black Velvet is a richer black-based finish that contains red pigments for a colour inspired by black cherries. Each hand-crafted body, created in Bentley’s dedicated Mulsanne Body Shop in Crewe, has the desired paint finish hand-applied before final embellishment with a hand-painted gold fine line that accentuates the characteristic power line and distinctive rear haunch.

21” ‘Radiance’ 14-spoke wheels in a polished finish complement the exterior.  At the front, the Mulliner ‘Serenity’ grille is offered as a striking alternative to the straight vane grille, with a design incorporating an intricate double diamond quilt pattern that has become a signature for Mulliner limited editions.

Inside the car, Bentley’s statement of luxury is epitomised through the finest handcrafted veneers, metals, and leathers - all enriched with bespoke Mulliner artistry. An expressive interpretation of a modern day London skyline is embroidered into all four sumptuous seats, and replicated with fine detail in the front passenger veneer fascia. Customers can choose from three different, unique interior colour combinations - Newmarket Tan with Burnt Oak, Fireglow with Imperial Blue, or Shortbread with Redwood - each combination defining the exclusivity of the fifteen restricted Mulsannes being produced.

Finishing touches to the model include polished stainless steel Mulliner tread plates and bespoke welcome lamps. The limited edition Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase is available to Bentley’s customers in China from now, with pricing available on applications.