Production of the Aston Martin Valkyrie won’t begin until sometime next year, but videos of Aston’s new hypercar continue to hit the internet. The videos are a tease, really, flaunting a multi-million-dollar hypercar you can’t buy – all 150 build slots have buyers. The latest video dives deep into the Valkyrie’s development and gives us our first onboard look from the cabin as it laps Silverstone, a recurring circuit in Aston’s development. 

The video explores the challenges of developing a car like the Valkyrie, which pushes the limits of what’s considered legal for the road. It’s a science experiment turned hypercar, and its development has had plenty of hurdles. One key focus of the car’s development was downforce – effectively putting power to the ground. Another hurdle was the exhaust that can warm the bottom of the wing and the license plate bracket to several hundred degrees, which could melt some government-issued license plates. 

Another challenge was ensuring the new Aston could meet regulations in a variety of countries. In some, new cars are required to offer a winter tyre, and the Valkyrie will be no different when it arrives. Though it’s doubtful you’ll see a Valkyrie navigating slushy roads anytime soon. 

Gallery: Aston Martin Valkyrie At Silverstone Circuit

The video concludes with video from onboard the Valkyrie, showing the interior along with some diagnostic equipment. The naturally aspirated Cosworth V12 screams, making 1,000 bhp (746 kilowatts) on its own. The mill pairs with hybrid electric motors that take the Valkyrie’s total output to 1,160 bhp (865 kW) and 664 pound-feet (900 Newton-metres) of torque. Peak power arrives at 10,500 revs. 

Of the 150 Aston plans to build, 25 will be Valkyrie AMR Pro models. Each starts at £2.6 million. It’s an eye-watering figure that makes sense after watching the video, though it doesn’t make that multi-million-dollar price tag any easier to swallow.