What makes the best BMW M car? Is it the one the exemplifies the racing heritage that traces its roots to the 1970s with their lightweight racecar? Could it be that the best M car is the one that has the highest top speed and is designed for absolutely demolishing miles on the Autobahn? Or could it be the one that's the most agile and fun to drive, able to give just enough playfulness by letting the backend loose while retaining a perfect sense of control and predictability? Or is it all of the above?

BMW 3.0 CSL Group 2 Spec

In a fairly recent video by DRIVETRIBE, they take a trip down memory lane to find out what makes the best BMW M car, and what the future holds for BMW's prestigious performance division. Anyone who has even a passing interest for BMWs will find this 16-ish minute long video an interesting an entertaining one, as the narrator takes us through major production vehicles that lead up to where we are today; an M car for almost anyone's tastes. With the revival of the 8 Series comes the M8, and together with the M2 CS, are the latest entries into the M family, complementing mainstays like the M3 and M5. But the latest cars aren't necessarily the best.

BMW E60 M5

Remember when the crazy M guys decided to slap a V10 into the 2005 E60 M5? Or how about the brilliant estate version in the form of the E61 M5 Touring? Practicality at 200 miles per hour, please. Or how about that oh so desirable E36 M3 CSL; a legendary, race-focused coupe?

In any case, check out the video above or in this link and enjoy a quick history lesson into the storied legacy of one of the most powerful names in the automotive world, and catch a glimpse into the future of M.