Race one went to the Tesla Model 3, but does this rematch result in a different outcome? Watch the Lamborghini Huracan drag race a Model 3 Performance for a second time to see if it can pull of the victory.

The owner of the Model 3 says that he took on this same Huracan a while back and won due to the Teslas quick jump off the line, but now the Huracan is fitted with better rubber and filled with race fuel and it's back for a rematch.

As you'll see in the video, the Model 3 again gets the jump off the line, but the lead doesn't hold for too long. In the end, the Huracan wins by a 1.5 car margin, but it should since its an expensive supercar and the Model 3 is a family sedan that costs far less. Still, it's fun to watch just how quick the Model 3 truly is.

Video description via Mar10 W6 on YouTube:

A while back I raced Lamborghini Huracan and won when I got him off of the line. Many people couldn't believe it and were talking a lot of trash about the Huracan owner. It was always good fun between him and I. He asked for a rematch. So I signed up for the 1/2 mile event again so we could ruin them again.

This time he was on better tires (R888s I think) and running race fuel. I removed my back seat. I'll post the forward view and TeslaCam footage later. We got a clean race this time. The margin of victory for this race was about 1.5 car lengths.

And here's footage of the race from inside the Model 3.

Video description:

The view from inside my car facing forward for the Rematch Race vs the Lamborghini Huracan at No Fly Zone Gila Bend 12/14/19.