Paris-Dakar, Transsyberia Rallye, German Rallye Championship, and Safari Rallye - if you’ve raced rally, chances are you’ve been up against a Porsche and you've lost. To celebrate their rich and often overlooked Rallye history, Porsche decided to choose their top 5 Rallye cars to remember these heroes of motorsports. 

To start out their top 5 list, Porsche chose to highlight their 1984 Paris-Dakar winning Porsche 911. This legendary Porsche was the first 911 to use 4-wheel-drive and featured a lifted suspension, off-road armour, meaty tyres, and one of the best liveries put on a racecar. Also known as the 953, this Porsche was built specifically for the Paris-Dakar rally.

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Next, we have the Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia. Porsche wanted to prove their new 2008 Cayenne SUV was tough enough to handle off-road conditions so they entered a modified example into the Transsyberia Rallye. The Cayenne spectacularly won this grueling rally taking the top 6 spots during its second time competing in 2009. The Cayenne Transsyberia used performance components from the Cayenne S and GTS to build a race-winning machine.

The Porsche 924 GTS introduced turbocharged engines to the world of rally forever changing the sport. Thanks to its powerful engine, this special machine easily won the German Rallye Championship. 

The Safari 911 is a Rallye icon and for good reason. The Safari Rallye sees some of the world’s most rugged terrain and any car that finishes is beyond tough. Unfortunately, one of the two Safari 911s broke a rear axle setting the Porsche team back to make the repair. This meant the Safari 911s finished second and third, with the only team to have two cars cross the finish line. 

A Porsche 911 GT3 rally car may sound impossible until you see Porsche’s number 1 Rallye car. This 996 911 GT3 Rallye Car looks perfect. Piloted by a husband and wife team in the German Rallye Championship, the track-focused 911 as seen more dirt than the average G-Wagon SUV.