Vans are great for a plethora of needs, but one area that continues to grow is camper vans. The mini mobile homes are great alternatives to large motorhomes, providing ample space and mobility all in one package. Titan Vans is one of several new camper van businesses converting vans old and new into pre-planned campers or something unique for a customer. It’s latest on-the-go accessory upgrades the Titan Vans Classic camper into the Classic Skier/Surfer.

The Skier/Surfer package uses Titan Vans’ modular design to install removable ski and surf racks located on the camper’s load floor – no tools required. It’s a simple addition that adds a ton of practicality for a specific buyer. Combining the removable racks with the Classic’s modular foundation gives potential customers a ton of customisation. 

The Skier/Surfer still offers a ton of Classic features such as overhead storage cabinets, shelving, water heater, bed, and kitchen block. Typically, the Classic comes loaded with more standard features compared to others, including swivel cab seats, outdoor-access shower, and more. The van also features a 300-watt solar panel on the roof, USB and 120-volt AC outlets, and an over-head bed fan. 

Gallery: Titan Vans Classic Skier/Surfer Camper Van

All this fun doesn’t come cheap. The Classic starts at just under $35,000, or above £26,000, and adding the Skier/Surfer package adds £6,100 on top of that. That doesn’t include the van itself, which the buyer has to supply. A Mercedes Sprinter 144 would nearly double that price, though the company does plan to begin converting full-size vans such as the Peugeot Boxer and co, and Ford Transit, which could help save a few pounds. Titan Vans will also convert vans that are up to 10 years old if customers wanted to take that avenue.