Despite its age, the Nissan GT-R remains an impressive performance car, but if you're looking for one that's a bit more potent, skip the GT-R50 and check out the upcoming GT23 from Northamptonshire-based JRM Group. The model uses the GT-R GT1 race car as a starting point but makes it road legal. The company is making just 23 of them for £380,000 each, and deliveries start in 2020.

Gallery: Nissan GT-R GT23 By JRM

JRM makes some major tweaks to the GT-R GT1 to create the GT23. They revise the front end, including changing the engine and transmission location under the bonnet versus the race car. The suspension architecture is also different. With racing slicks, JRM claims the car can achieve 2g of cornering grip.

The model still uses Nissan's VR38DETT V6, but the powerplant now makes 650 bhp (485 kilowatts). The power runs through a six-speed sequential gearbox. However, unlike most GT-Rs, this one is rear-wheel drive.

Compared to the track-spec GT-R GT1 (gallery below) the GT23 looks significantly different. JRM fits a different bonnet with two massive inlets. Revised wings include gills behind the front wheels. At the back, the look is more similar to the racer, except for a pair of centre-exit exhaust tips. Lightweight materials keep the weight down to 1,275 kilograms (2,811 pounds).

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The interior looks straight out of a race car. There is a driver's seat with massive bolsters, and the pilot grips a flat-bottomed, multi-function steering wheel. The instruments appear on a digital display.

JRM is taking orders for the GT23 internationally, so no matter where you live, there's an opportunity to park one in the garage.

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· An authentic race car that is also road legal

· Prices start at £380,000 for one of the 23 limited-edition cars

· Designed and built by JRM, a World-Championship winner in the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT1

· Focused engineering by performance experts to give a new driving experience

· Take delivery in 2020


JRM, a UK-based advanced engineering company that has a history steeped in motorsport success, has taken their world-championship winning expertise and developed a limited-edition race car that is road legal.


As GT1 title winners in the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT1, as well as building and running the GT3 for customer racing, JRM is releasing their version of the ultimate race car for the road. Limited to a run of only 23 cars, all hand-built at their UK headquarters in Daventry with each limited-edition chassis individually numbered, JRM’s GT23 will commence production in Spring 2020. It will be available to customers around the globe and open to pre-orders from 10th December 2019.


In creating the GT23, JRM has reviewed all the major systems in the car, and where appropriate redesigned components to enhance track performance. The holistic approach has included significant changes to weight, weight distribution and inertia which required significant changes to engine position, gearbox, and suspension architecture. The engineering behind the JRM GT23 has been totally functionally driven to make it a car that can deliver a real race-driving experience.


JRM Managing Director Jason King says ‘To develop a car of our own has always been a goal for JRM and we’ve been working behind the scenes to make this a reality. It’s time to show people what JRM can do. It’s always been hidden away, putting someone else’s label on our work in performance engineering. We know the GT-R inside out and our team of designers, engineers and racing drivers have taken this cult car to a whole new level - the GT23 is incredibly special.’


JRM Technical Director Elliot Dason-Barber says ‘With a full aero package and light weighted to achieve 500 bhp per ton, the GT23 is an impressive package. This car is born from racing. Every system the team has put on it has racing pedigree and they’ve done a great job. To take a car that is already a serious machine and hone it to our racing specification, that includes the new JRM sensor system, has been incredibly rewarding and enabled us to demonstrate our capabilities to a market that really know their cars.’


The racing elements this car delivers are like nothing else on a road car, not even the very special ones.It really is an authentic race car.”


If you’d like to register your interest in a JRM GT23, visit or email Graham Prew on