Demand for the all-electric Porsche Taycan exceeds expectations of the German manufacturer, as 30,000 pre-orders with €2,500 down payments were received in Europe. The global figure could be significantly higher.

Out of those 30,000, roughly 10,000 already placed a binding order. That's a lot, especially since the production plan for 2020 is only about 20,000 units.

"Porsche has taken down payments from 30,000 customers in Europe for its Taycan, the luxury car maker’s first fully electric model, CEO Oliver Blume told Germany’s Handelsblatt newspaper."

The first deliveries of the Taycan are expected in the UK this month. Other initial markets should follow shortly thereafter.

As Porsche is expected to introduce at least 1-2 direct derivatives of the Taycan, the overall volume of all-electric car sales might be pretty significant for the brand.

We suppose that if Porsche customers so smoothly adopted to all-electric drive, the electrification of the high-end segment might progress even quicker than one would've thought a few years ago.

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